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miriDEAL offer you the miri town guide, including miri people recommended attractions, basic miri information, and all the fun, foods, entertainment info can search in our page. miriDEAL also incorporates with all miri business operators to link up businesses and consumers under one platform. We provide new product experiences ,discount coupons and vouchers, encourage miri people to be a smart consumer. We also assisting in promoting local incoming and ongoing activities, events, exhibition, courses, as a free promotional channel in miriDEAL facebook page for miri people. Especially local retailers , shops and a variety of service providers. miriDEAL will also launch a video channel to promote miri, our lovely hometown, including people, food, fashion, entertainment and health information etc.

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miriDeal.com provide the understanding of local market needs, creative approach to tackling the local business challenges and willing to get them to the right audiences in the short time

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